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#Pregnant #Mother Of 5 Turns To #Craigslist To Find Home For #Children

Two days after a pregnant North Carolina mother turned to Craigslist in hopes of finding housing for her five children, child protective services took them away and placed them in foster care.

32-year-old Moshimalee Johnson first went to the Durham Department of #SocialServices earlier this month seeking housing assistance for her and her five kids, but they said they couldn’t help her.

She even tried getting help from the Durham Rescue Mission, but the shelter would only allow her to stay there if she agreed not to work for six months.

However, work is exactly what Johnson needs to get her family out of their slump. She’s a certified nursing assistant, with plenty of experience to find a job.

“I am a certified nursing assistant,” Johnson said. “It’s not hard to get a job. It’s just hard to get a job right now.”

Her troubles all began last year when her 2002 Mercury Villager broke down on the side of the road. She tried her best to catch the bus every day, but the home health care agency she worked at fired her a few weeks later for being late too many times.

After being out of work for long enough, she and her family were evicted from their apartment because she fell behind on two months of rent.

To make matters worse, Johnson’s 6-year-old accidentally hung himself in April because he thought he would come back to life as a zombie, just like in “The Walking Dead” video game.

Thankfully, he survived the traumatizing event. But now her children, ages 9, 7, 6, and 2-year-old twins, are undergoing “trauma therapy as a group.” Due to the numerous doctors’ appointments her kids have had to make since the incident, Johnson hasn’t been able to find a job.

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My little felon.

Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy
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Remember this viral image of three little girls undergoing chemotherapy treatment? Turns out they’re all currently in remission!


Remember this viral image of three little girls undergoing chemotherapy treatment? Turns out they’re all currently in remission!

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#Shoppers Save Kids in Hot Car While #Mom Gets New Haircut

Shocking footage shows the lengths shoppers at a #Texas strip mall went through to rescue two small children from a hot car on #Monday.

The incident occurred on a hot day, according to witness Gabriel Del Valle, who filmed the heroic scene. A group of shoppers gathered around the Jeep to find two small children crying inside.

“The #kids were in there crying,” said Del Valle. “I mean you would understand. It’s real hot.”

The doors were locked and the mother was nowhere in sight, so one of the men did what he had to do to get the kids out—by hammering through one of the windows.

Even then, the #child #safety locks were on and the group had to quickly come up with a plan to get the kids out.

After several minutes, the mother ran outside of a nearby salon just as the group pulled her children out of the hot #vehicle.

Apparently, she had been getting her hair done.

But Del Valle said nothing—not even a quick haircut—justifies treating #children like this.

“Even a #dog can die, so imagine a person,” he said.

Thankfully, neither of the children was harmed, and the mother seemed so sincere about her mistake that nobody called the police.

Still, Del Valle hopes his video will encourage other parents never to leave their kids in in the car—no matter what.

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